To The Least Of These

Date: September 30, 2018

Bible Text: Matthew 25:31-46 |


Jesus tells us that we need to see the image of God in everyone and treat them accordingly.  Hospitality offered to a stranger is hospitality offered to Christ.  
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Washing One Another’s Feet

Date: September 23, 2018

Bible Text: John 13:1-11 |


Radical hospitality means we have to be intimately involved with the needs and problems of others.  Will we let someone wash our feet?  Are we willing to wash the feet of someone
Washing One Another’s Feet2018-09-25T07:45:11-06:00

Jesus is Knocking

Date: September 16, 2018

Bible Text: Revelation 3:19-22 |


If we want to make disciples, we have to be disciples.  Jesus is knocking on everyone’s heart.  Shouldn’t we be knocking, too?  
Jesus is Knocking2018-09-18T13:16:31-06:00
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