Are You Divisive

Date: February 24, 2019

Bible Text: John 15:1-11 |


Are you connected to others and helping them connect or are you disconnected and disconnecting others?
Are You Divisive2019-02-25T13:14:52-07:00

We Are Already One

Date: February 10, 2019

Bible Text: Ephesians 2:11-22 |


Unity, according to the Bible, is not something we have to achieve so much as it is something already achieved.  
We Are Already One2019-02-14T10:39:33-07:00

Can I Love God and Hate His Church?

Date: February 3, 2019

Bible Text: 1 John 4:7-12 |


Christians need to learn to love Christ’s church.  This is especially true even when the church is not what it should be.  
Can I Love God and Hate His Church?2019-02-04T14:11:35-07:00

Why Unity? Why the Church?

Date: January 27, 2019

Bible Text: John 17:20-26 |


Jesus prayed that we would be one with each other.  Why is that necessary?  Why do we need the church?
Why Unity? Why the Church?2019-01-28T10:01:37-07:00
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