I stand on spiritual ground that was plowed by my parents and grandparents.  My parents taught me the value of hard work, integrity, giving, helping others, and walking humbly with my God.  My grandmother taught me the value of prayer.  Grandma was a Norwegian and grew up in North Dakota.  As a young woman she decided to homestead in Montana. She took the train from North Dakota to Montana, got on a horse and rode about 30 miles southeast of town and “staked” the homestead next to a spring so they would have water.  The teepee rings are still there today because that’s where the Native Americans got their water too.  She married Grandpa and they built their first home.  It was a soddie, made from the sod of the prairie with a log roof and dirt floor.  There they started their family of 3 children…Mom, Lila Mae, and Francis.  Life on the prairie was not easy…tick fever nearly took Grandma, but the Lord provided a nun nurse from Hamilton that knew what to do and saved her life.  The drought of the 30’s sent them to Washington for a spell to survive until the rains returned to Montana.  Mom said they looked like the “Grapes of Wrath” as they traveled to Washington in the old Ford.  Then WWII came and Francis was killed in a battle with Rommel in North Africa.  There were good memories too….square dances that went all night, county fairs, horse races, picnics, card games, home made bread and holidays together. 

We have a picture of Grandma hanging on the wall of the cabin, she is standing by her horse and she has a six gun on her side……it’s a really fun picture.  I also have her Bible with  her notes, her prayers, and our names.   

Her prayers…and our names.  Grandma was a prayer.   She prepared the spiritual ground on which I stand with those prayers….and now I am preparing spiritual ground on which my grandchildren will stand with my prayers.  Some I will get to see come to fruition and some I won’t.  But I have no doubt that it will occur.  Because my God is storing  those prayers up like incense, in a golden bowl in heaven.  Prayers are fragrant and pleasing to God, that’s why he stores them up…..and in  time,  those prayers result  in the dispatching of angels for the conversion and salvation of families……just like He did for Cornelius…..just like He did for me……and just like he will do for my grandchildren. 

And so for today….and for tomorrow……my job is to prepare the ground …..I need to keep plowing. 



SCRIPTURES:      Revelation 5:8 

Psalm 141:2 

Exodus 30: 7-8 

Psalm 40:1 

Acts 10  

Isaiah 28: 23-26 

James 5: 17-18 

Matthew 21:13  

PRAYER FOCUS:   Salvation for my family.   

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   Elijah was a person, just like us.  But he earnestly prayed……and God listened. 

~ Written by Gene Bennett