Spirit filled…there is a difference.  Let me explain.  The Bible uses the  term “Spirit Filled” to describe disciples of Christ that were known to be full of the spirit.  The word “full” in the Greek is “plérés”.   It means “thoroughly permeated with.”  

These followers had been born again. Then later they were  anointed by the Holy Spirit with gifts for ministry.  They were full of grace and power, performing “great wonders and signs” among the people……healing the sick, preaching the word, casting out demons, baptizing new believers, and following through on the ministry Jesus called them to do.  They were more than just “saved”, they were anointed with gifts of the Holy Spirit and they were on fire…. 

they were Filled with the Love of God. 


Acts 6:3 

Wow!  Did you catch that?  Why did God do that?  Took the best ones and had them serve widows…… 

He took them because they were humble, they were filled with compassion, and they would treat the widows from another land with kindness and patience…..the same as Jesus would.  God trusts the spirit filled followers, because they always give God the glory.  Whether it was serving widows or raising the dead, it was God’s work…..and God got the glory.  In fact, if there was someway to do God’s work and be invisible, spirit filled people would prefer that.  But you see……that wouldn’t work, because they are the “hands of Jesus” touching others and touching hearts.  It’s about relationship. 

The other characteristic of “spirit filled” people is they stick with it.  They seem to always be there, it’s like God gives them more time to use than other people.    It’s called zóéIt is a spirit filled life.   Spirit filled people are all around us, but you have to look closely because they blend into the fabric of the church.  They are the ones serving others.  And when there is a fire, they are the ones running toward the fire to help and save others.   

Speaking of fire, have you sensed the fire around us.  It’s getting hotter and it’s fueled by anger.  People cannot even talk to each other anymore without getting angry.  The anger is so hot that we walk away from it, the relationship dies, the heart grows cold, and love dies.  Love is the power of the Holy People.  That’s why Spirit Filled people run toward the fire, love drives them to restore the relationship. 

Finally, when others crumble under criticism and attacks for being a Follower of Jesus, Spirit Filled followers stand up for Jesus.  Just like Stephen stood up at the end…..and …..Jesus will stand up for them, just like he stood up for Stephen. 

Time to be spirit filled, time to stand up.  



Acts 2:1 – Pentecost 

Acts 4:8 – Peter 

Acts 6:3 – Choosing the 7 

Acts 7:55 – Stephen 

Acts 9:17 – Paul 

Acts 11:24 – Barnabas 

Ephesians 5:18 

James 5:17  

PRAYER FOCUS:     What do you want me to do today Lord? 

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   The Lord has anointed me for the task. 


~ Written by Gene Bennett