God gave Moses instructions on how to build the tabernacle, the tent where God would stay.  At first Moses would pitch the tent outside the encampment.  But God told him to “pitch it” in the middle of his people.  He would be “their God” and they would be “his people”.  And like most family relationships, not every day was glorious…..(just a little reality check there). 

I like the word “pitch”.  In the Hebrew it is “w?·n?·??h”, which means to “spread out and cover”.  Reminds me of camping when we would pitch our tents by the creek,  and then crawl inside and listen to the rain on the oiled canvas.  Safe and secure.   

Today we are the tabernacles…..the dwelling place of God.  And though there are days when we act “childish” and choose “poorly”, (another little reality check there),  we are still His tabernacle.  That means we are able to provide the teaching or response that will “spread out and cover” the people….. an offering of safety and security in times of trouble…..like the tent in the rain…..like The Tabernacle in the desert. 

Tents are for sojourners,  tents are temporary because you are just passing through.  It was just yesterday that I entered this land with Jesus…and now yesterday is almost 40 years ago.  And so I have learned to number my days now….because each one is precious.  Precious just like those we meet  along the way.  And so while there is still time, I invite them into my life and offer what I have to give.  Most of them just want to share their story,  hear about Jesus, and maybe receive a hug.  Doesn’t cost anything….just a little time.   

Someday the Lord and I will pack up our tent and move on.  There is a gate at the end of this trail we are on….but I won’t have to open it.  He already did that along time ago. 




SCRIPTURES:      Exodus 33:7 

Exodus 40:17 

Numbers 2:2 

Numbers 4:48 

Psalm 91 

PRAYER FOCUS:   Lord make me an instrument of thy peace. 


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   It used to take 8,580 men to move the tabernacle….today it only takes 1. 

Makes it easier to take God to where the people are at. 

~ Written by Gene Bennett